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The   GMBA   is   a   platform   that   facilitates   and   supports   business,   cultural   and educational ties between Gibraltar and Morocco for its members. The   association   is   made   up   of   likeminded   entrepreneurs   from   around   the world with an interest in developing business relations with Morocco. Through   our   experience   and   extensive   network   of   contacts,   the   GMBA   is   the ideal   place   to   start   for   any   business   venture   in   Gibraltar   and   the   Kingdom of Morocco. A    cradle    of    opportunity    for    business    entrepreneurs,    the    North   African paradise   boasts   modernity   and   proximity   to   European   cultures   that   suits cross-continental ties. However,   as   a   relatively   new   market,   our   service   can   provide   you   with   the desired    security    and    access    to    relevant    Moroccan    companies    that    you require. While   the   fabled   Hercules   pried   Europe   and   Africa   apart   in   ancient   times, the    GMBA    will    strive    to    bridge    the    gap    in    business    between    the    two continents.
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